CFIT - Controlled Flight into Terrain.

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CFIT occurs when an airworthy aircraft, under the complete control of the pilot, is inadvertently flown into terrain, water, or an obstacle. While there are many reasons why a plane might crash into terrain, including bad weather and navigational equipment problems, pilot error is the single biggest factor leading to a CFIT accident.

CFIT is considered to be caused by spatial disorientation, where the pilot(s) do not correctly perceive their position and orientation with respect to the Earth’s surface, and usually involve collision with terrain in conditions of clouds or otherwise reduced visibility.

The introduction and mandatory carriage of GPWS and later EGPWS has dramatically reduced CFIT accident rates and are systems designed to alert pilots if their aircraft is in imminent danger of flying into the ground or an obstacle.

This course provides flight deck crew with a thorough understanding of GPWS, EGPWS/ TAWS, the system functioning, as well as other solutions to CFIT accidents.


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