CRM Refresher Volume 21

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Price: ZAR 1500 * VAT included

Approx. Course Duration: 4 hours or at your own pace.

Cranfield CRM Refresher Volume 21 is the refresher course for Feb 2021 to Feb 2022 with specific focus on the threats that are evident as a result of the global Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s effect on Aviation.

The objective of Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training is to improve flight safety through the understanding of the Human Factor in Aircraft accidents and incidents, and through effective use of error management strategies in individuals as well as in the system.

Human error remains a significant causal factor in the majority of aviation incidents and accidents. The objective of Crew Resource Management (CRM) Refresher Training is to:

  1. Provide aircrew and Support personnel with a deeper insight into the various CRM concepts by keeping up to date with the latest research both locally and internationally in the field of CRM.
  2. Provide crew with tools to enhance the CRM skills required to manage threats and errors.
  3. To motivate crew to entrench the techniques and tools discussed, and in so doing, ensure more effective use of these tools during abnormal flight situation.


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