HFTC - Human Factor Training Corporate

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Price: ZAR 1680 * VAT included

Approx. Course Duration: 20 - 30 hours or at your own pace.

It is compulsory for airline pilots around the world to undergo Human Factor Training annually. This training is based on “black Box’ evidence or Cockpit Voice Recorder & Flight Data Recorder Evidence of Human Behavior.

Human Factor Training is already being implemented in organisations working in high risk environments, aimed primarily at staff looking to improve company Safety Culture. Human Factor for Corporates is now available to corporate decision makers, and middle management who are responsible for driving businesses forward as they face the on-going challenges & opportunities in todays’ fast-moving economy. This course looks to develop vital skills for Leaders in Behavior, Communication, Assertiveness, Decision Making, Situational Awareness, Managing Workload, Fatigue and Stress, Teamwork, Leadership and Risk Assessment to achieve operational success in the business world.


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