HPNUC 05 - Culture, Leadership & Teamwork in Nuclear Operations

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Course Overview

Price: ZAR 1120 * VAT included

Approx. Course Duration: 4 hours or at your own pace.

There are 5 Human Performance Training Courses in this series, each focusing on an aspect of achieving excellence in Human Performance, Reducing Error & Managing Defenses.

The 5 Courses are as follows:

  • HPNUC 01 – Nuclear Human Performance Regulations and Guidelines
  • HPNUC 02 – Nuclear Human Performance Excellence
  • HPNUC 03 – Reducing Error in Nuclear Operations
  • HPNUC 04 – Managing Defenses in Nuclear Operations
  • HPNUC 05 – Culture, Leadership & Teamwork in Nuclear Operations (this course)

The HPNUC 05 program is best completed after HPNUC 01, 02, 03 & 04.

HPNUC 05 – This course adresses the role of Culture, Leadership & Team orientation in influencing the behaviour of people, & the level of Safety in a Nuclear Operation.


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