Human Factor Educators

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Approx. Course Duration: 20 - 30 hours or at your own pace.

It is compulsory for airline pilots around the world to undergo Human Factor Training annually. This training is based on “black Box’ evidence or Cockpit Voice Recorder & Flight Data Recorder Evidence of Human Behavior.

Human Factor Training is now available to Educators responsible for preparing our youth as they enter adulthood & need to deal with the challenges & opportunities of modern life. Young adults often experience new & unfamiliar levels of, responsibility & accountability, freedom & the pressure of being expected to manage themselves, their careers, & their futures, as a whole.

Part of the responsibility as a teacher is to equip these young people with the knowledge to make the right choices & start out on the right path, in order to take their place in Society & transform into responsible adults. Human Factor Training for Educators assists in the knowledge & delivery of these life lessons!


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